5 Benefits of Forex Cards Over Cash

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Plastic money is your new friend; whether you are going to study abroad, or planning a foreign trip with your loved ones, it is time to do away with cash and get hold of plastic. In fact, if experts are to be believed, a Forex card is taken as a far better alternative than cash. Forex prepaid currency cards are smart, convenient and most importantly safe. And if you look up on Forex cards, you will find that they are quite easy to carry and quite easy to use. Still not convinced? Let’s talk about 5 benefits of a prepaid Forex card as compared to cash.

And if you look up on Forex cards , you will find that they are quite easy to carry and quite easy to use. Still not convinced? Let’s talk about 5 benefits of a prepaid Forex card as compared to cash.

Forex cards are easier to carry and accepted everywhere

One of the most important benefits of prepaid Forex cards is that they are accepted everywhere; whether you are going for an opera, or a fancy shopping mall or a cosy eatery on the road, they can be used anywhere you want.

If you are going for a foreign trip to one country, you can always opt for a single destination currency card. Moreover, if you already locked the currency exchange rate in the card, you can also avoid the consequences of currency fluctuation.

Safe for everyone

Losing your wallet in a foreign country can be quite intimidating; also losing your precious cash in a theft or a freak accident is not really an ideal condition while holidaying. Prepaid Forex cards are secure and they can easily be blocked like the debit or the credit card in case of loss.

There are some companies which also offer a secondary card with the original Forex card; if you lose the first, you can easily activate the second by using a toll free number at the back of the card.

Less expensive than credit and debit cards

If your credit or debit card is issued in India and you use it in a foreign destination, you usually pay more. Whenever you use the card in a foreign location, the transaction takes place in foreign currency and not in INR. In other words, you need to bear the expenses of currency conversion charge and this charge may vary between 3 to 5%. The prepaid Forex card is actually loaded with local currency which means you can save this extra cost.

It can be topped easily

Whenever you run out of money, the prepaid cards can be topped easily. This can be done through online forex marketplaces. It's a simple 3-step process where you provide your existing card number, enter the amount that you want to top-up and make the payment online. Your card will be topped in just a few hours and you also get an email alert confirming the same. But before you go for top up, you need to remit the exact amount from the savings account to the card provider’s account. The equal amount of foreign exchange will be loaded in the card for your usage.

Availing supplementary benefits

Most of the prepaid Forex cards come with supplementary benefits like health insurance coverage. Almost 90% of the cards offer an emergency cash service; when you are in dire need of money, the card will definitely come handy. Also, in case you have lost the card or the card is stolen, the supplementary card will be shipped to your location. And once you return home after your holiday and you have some amount of cash left in your card, you can return it to the issuer at current rate.

The prepaid Forex card is probably one of the best ways to deal with your finances when you are travelling or going to study abroad; because whether you are studying or vacationing, finance is the last thing you should worry about! Book a Multi-currency forex card today!

Why buy a prepaid Forex Card instead cash for your foreign holiday
Going abroad? Buy prepaid forex cards

10 Oct, 2016
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