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There are thousands of Indian students who apply for foreign universities every year. With many countries making the stay post course completion difficult, the Indian Students are looking for different and unexplored destinations.The US has always been a favourite amongst Indian students specially from the STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Medical) sphere.

Australia which saw a decline in the number of students after the racial discrimination reports, is getting back as a popular destination after the government intervention.The year 2014 and 2015, have seen Australia campaigning strongly for Indian students who were disappointed with strict immigration laws in the UK. 48000 Indian students got into Australian Universities , which is a substantial rise from 2014 when the numbers went down considerably.Canada with its easy immigration laws is another favourite.With almost 30000 students going to Canada in 2015, it has emerged as one of the top destinations. But apart from these, some other names are swiftly coming up the chart of most favoured foreign destinations for Indian Students.

The land of ideas: Germany

Heidelberg University is one of the most prominent and oldest universities of the world which has always promoted forward-thinking individuals. ‘Deutschland’ has always encouraged research, and lately it has been facing a shortage of skilled students. They have reduced their immigration requirements so that more and more talented students can avail the opportunity to work with some of the brightest minds in science, literature and engineering. There are almost 11,800 Indian students in German institutes as of now and more students are being drawn by job opportunities, scholarship programs and fee waiver policies. Most of the German universities receive funds from the government; the expenses for post-graduate courses are quite low as compared to others. But if you need money instantly, the easiest and cheapest way to transfer funds is through the online forex marketplaces. Also, if you compare the cost of living with other countries, Berlin is quite cheap as compared to any other leading UK and US cities. And if you are fluent in German, you will have an amazing time studying there.

Foreign destination close by: Singapore

For those of you who do not want to travel far west; you can avail great infrastructure and job in Singapore as well. In fact, according to a study, almost 3,000 Indian students leave for Singapore every year. The tuition fees is low, job opportunities are ample and if you are looking for a decent living, this country can be quite a good choice. There are quite a few western universities which have their campuses in Singapore; this means that you can easily earn your degree from a foreignthe best Universities in the world studying in Singapore. Business, Administration, Economics, Social Sciences are some of the subjects that students pursue in the universities here. Singapore City is known to have 8000 MNCs; if you are a student with an international degree, it is not at all difficult to get a part-time work for 16 hours a week. The city is extremely safe; and is known to have an impressive Indian community.

Getting to know New Zealand

Just like Australia, New Zealand has also emerged as one of the top destinations for international students with almost 20,000 Indian students studying in many of the prestigious institutes. Scholarships are available in most of the post-graduate courses. And if you are planning to pursue courses in business management, technology, engineering, humanities and life sciences this is the place to be. Depending on the location and the lifestyle of an individual, the expenses vary between $4000 and $8000 New Zealand Dollars per annum. Generally, the student visas can be extended for a year, if the student wants to stay in New Zealand after completion of the course to hunt a job.

Indian students who prefer to study abroad can take their pick from any of the above foreign destinations Indian students who prefer to study abroad can take their pick from any of the above foreign destinations suiting their budget, sphere of study or long term objectives

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03 Oct, 2016
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