Planning Tips for a Love-filled Honeymoon in Italy

Planning Tips for a Love-filled Honeymoon in Italy

After hectic festivities which involve months of excruciatingly detailed planning, copious legwork and wedding nights that become mornings owing to excessive merrymaking, you’ve earned a luxurious getaway. However, not-so-soon! Just like your big-day a perfect honeymoon too involves meticulous preparation.

The destination for this much needed and deserved sojourn largely depends on the kind of holiday you want and at what time of the year. If adventure sports intertwined with big city charm is your thing then you would love a skiing holiday in the Italian Alps.

Famed for their rugged beauty a trip to the mighty Italian Alps or the Dolomites – a part of Southern Limestone Alps-is a vacation for the senses. This winter wonderland is easy to travel to from Milan, which means plenty of shopping, wining and dining before you surrender yourself to nature. A convenient 2.5 hour ride by coach from Milan’s city centre will take you to the heart of the mountain range.

Online Currency Exchange @ Doorstep ForexMilan is easy to travel to from most major cities in India. Being Italy’s fashion capital, home to the country’s most influential football clubs—A.C. Milan and F.C. Internazionale Milano, and a melting pot of cultures Milan has something even for the most discerning traveller. It allows for a perfect opportunity to indulge into Italy’s exquisite and world renowned brands. The city is also an important hub for gastronomy. Make sure that you carry enough Euros or currency for impulsive purchases as the winter sales that start in the month of January allow for amazing deals.

Make sure that you carry enough Euros or currency for impulsive purchases as the winter sales that start in the month of January allow for amazing deals.

Assign ample of time for Milan not only to take in the sights and scenes but also for spontaneous travel to the myriad world class destinations that are in its backyard. One could take in the stunning scenery of world-famous Lake Como from Milan which is just a quick one-hour drive away. Another equally stunning option is the medieval city of Bergamo that has been highly influenced by Venetian style in an artistical and architectural way.

Let’s get started: Now that we know where we want to go on our honeymoon let’s get at it. Keep the planning stress-free with this guide.

1. Make a budget

  • This step is imperative, it will not only narrow down your choices for destinations but also category of hotels, shopping, travel expenses et al.

2. Buy plane tickets

  • Many-a-times a huge chunk of the travel budget gets used up by way of flight tickets. Book tickets early to get the flights you want at better rates. Most airlines release frequent flier seats around 11 months ahead of time, use your frequent flier miles for better deals.

3. Apply for any visas or other documentation

  • Visa application can sometimes be a cumbersome task, get it out of your way well in advance to avoid any unnecessary stress. Different consulates take different amounts of time for granting visas. Know what the country you’re visiting requires, and take care of it.

4. Book your hotel

  • Get down to booking your hotels well in advance as hotels in Europe tend to be small, so good ones often fill up. Have a few options before you start contacting hotels.

5. Schedule transportation

  • After narrowing down on the destinations and carefully planning the itinerary, tickets for internal travel including train tickets or rental car must be looked into.

6. Buy Foreign Exchange

In order to reduce the risk and rigmarole of arranging for foreign exchange while on holiday one must make provision for most major expenses from home. Chances of finding better rates on foreign currency are higher if you plan in advance, rather than changing it at the airport or abroad. Explore your avenues to purchase foreign exchange, there are many options: online, offline, from banks or from private retailers. One can look at buying forex online for good currency rates.

Prepaid forex cards offer two big advantages. One is security: if the card is lost or stolen you can reclaim the money. Also if it falls into the hands of fraudsters the maximum they can take is the money you’ve stuck on it for your holiday. It isn’t linked to your bank or credit card details.

Make sure you do not keep all your eggs in one basket. God forbid if you ever get robbed or misplace your belongings, you lose everything! Only carry the cash you need for the day in your pocket, leave the rest in a secure spot, like your hotel safe, even if you plan to primarily use a bankcard while abroad. It is useful to divide currency into cash, forex cards and travellers cheques as it allows for diversification and protection from possible theft or loss.

Explore your avenues to purchase foreign exchange, there are many options: online, offline, from banks or from private retailers. One can look at buying forex online for good currency rates.

7. Expect to Spend Extra

  • Honeymoon is a special celebration and you may want to spend money accordingly. Many expenses such as impulsive shopping, fine dining and room upgrades are not accounted for while planning it makes sense to set aside cash for such incidentals.

8. Provide for gifts

  • This is one area that is often overlooked by most travellers. Extensive array of merchandise and amazing deals tempt even the most astute. This is also a great time to get goodies for those at home waiting ardently for spoils from the other side of the world.

9. Set aside cash for emergencies

It is best to have a plan B, particularly when it comes to travel cash. It’s crucial to take the time to prepare for worst-case scenarios before you leave home – which is much less stressful than trying to troubleshoot in a foreign country.

There are rewards for painstaking planning, at the end of all this groundwork is a blissful break that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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28 Feb, 2015
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