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'krone' means 'crown', so kroner are also known as Danish crowns.

The Danish Krone is currently the official currency of Denmark and Greenland, and the Faroe Islands also uses a localized, non-independent version of the Danish Krone as their currency. Officially introduced on the 1st of January, 1875, the Danish Krone was in circulation and usage as far back as the 17th century. It isn’t the oldest Danish currency, however - the oldest Danish coins were minted by King Harald Bluetooth in the 10th century.

The word ‘krone’ means the ‘crown’ in Danish, so DKK are often referred to as Danish crowns. The Danish Krone is administered by the Danmark’s National bank, and is usually abbreviated to ‘DKK’ or ‘kr.’.

You can simply convert your INR to DKK and get the Danish Kroner in India in the form of currency notes and forex cards. The following denominations are available for purchase in India – 50 DKK, 100 DKK, 200 DKK, 500 DKK and 1000 DKK. The currency notes feature artwork depicting notable bridges and ancient Danish artefacts.

Danish Kroner are commonly used in international foreign exchange transactions. In fact, it contributed 1%* of the global foreign exchange market turnover as recently as 2013, making it the 21st most-traded currency in the world, level with the Indian Rupee! DoorstepForex.com offers the best foreign exchange rates for Danish Kroner across all the major cities of India.

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