Swedish Krona (SEK)

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Swedish Krona (SEK)

The Swedish Krona is also known as the Swedish crown.

The Swedish Krona is the official currency of Sweden. As the word ‘krona’ literally means ‘crown’ in Swedish, it is also referred to as the Swedish crown. Introduced in 1873, the Swedish Krona is administered by the Sveriges Riksbank, and is usually abbreviated to ‘SEK’ or ‘kr’. Despite having agreed terms in 1995, Sweden has so far managed to avoid adopting the Euro as its national currency. Current public opinion would seem to indicate that the majority of the population is in favour of retaining the Krona and avoiding membership of the Eurozone.

You can convert Indian Rupees to Swedish Krona so as to purchase SEK in India. The Swedish Krona is available in India in the form of currency notes and forex cards. The commonly-used banknote denominations of the SEK are 20SEK, 50SEK, 100SEK, 500SEK and 1000SEK. The currency notes feature pictures of notable historical Swedish people and personages. Even if you are coming back from your Sweden tour and have any extra Kronas, you can sell them back at DoorstepForex.com to convert SEK to Rupees.

The Swedish Krona is commonly used in international foreign exchange transactions. In fact, it contributed 1.8%* of the global foreign exchange market turnover as recently as 2013, making it the 11th most-traded currency in the world. DoorstepForex.com offers the best foreign exchange rates for Swedish Kronor across all the major cities of India.

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