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US Dollar ($)

The US Dollar is the most-used currency in international transactions.

Did you know that the US Dollar is the most-used currency in international transactions? It’s true! Created in 1792, the US dollar is now accepted as legal tender in a number of countries. Of course, it is the official currency of the USA itself, but did you know that it’s also the official currency of Ecuador and Zimbabwe? It’s the official currency of a few more countries, as well as the de facto currency in many others.

It’s this very universality that gives the US Dollar its appeal. Knowing that you will likely be able to use it directly or exchange it at a favourable rate makes it the currency of choice for many travellers. In fact, if you can’t find a sufficient amount of your required currency for travel, taking US dollars instead is a viable alternative. US dollars can be carried in the form of currency notes or cash, in a US dollar forex card, or as US dollar traveller’s cheques.

US dollars are easily available in India. You can also buy or sell the US dollar through and get them delivered across all the major cities in India. While Indian rupees may not be accepted in most countries, US dollars will usually be accepted. Carrying an amount of United States dollars on your trip is an advisable safety measure for any traveller – should any problem occur, having an almost universally-accepted currency will be of great help to you. The universality and strength of the US dollar makes it a popular choice for most travellers, and can help you get it at the best rates. And, when you’re back from your travels, you can rest assured that will offer you the best rates to buy back your remaining US dollars as well!

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