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Prepaid forex card, also known as Forex card is one of the most secured and convenient product that international travelers use to carry foreign currency. Once your forex card is loaded with the desired currency, you may choose to swipe it at no additional cost or withdraw currency notes from an ATM (More than 1.8 million VISA/Master Card ATMs worldwide).
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10 Reason for you to buy a Forex card

Convenient & Economical

Multiple currencies can be loaded on one single card. Saves Cross Currency Conversion Charges as the currency for the destination country can be used to pay when travelling to different countries.

Easy Reloading

Reload as and when you need more money. Just place the reload order on, and the card gets reloaded within 24 working hours post successful payment & documentation.


Off the shelf, gets delivered in 12 working hours after the order is received by 3 PM same day. The customer care is available from 9:30 AM to 8 PM.

Zero Lost Card Liability

Zero Lost Card Liability upto Rs. 3 Lacs or the balance in the card, whichever is lower.

Fast & Safe

Forex card is extremely safe to use for online shopping. Also, Check your forex card balance online from anywhere and at anytime

No Extra Charge

Zero charge for using the card at Shopping outlets, restaurants or any other Merchants; Chip and Pin Based security also ensures complete security of the transaction.

Free ATM transactions

3 Free ATM transactions only on purchasing the card through

Easy refund

Easy and free conversion of any unspent forex left in the card back into Indian Rupees

Card Back Up

Backup or replacement card provided with the Primary card for any unforeseen circumstance such as theft or loss of card.

Quick Do's and Don't's while using your
Forex card:

  • Check your balance online using the card number and Web Pin provided with the card
  • Do not transact with your preloaded forex card over the telephone or email
  • Do not share your ATM and Web pin with anyone
  • Avoid keeping your backup/replacement card with your primary card
  • Some ATMs charge additional ATM Charges besides the ATM transactions charge levied by the Card Issuer(With, there will be no Charge levied by the Issuer for up to 3 Withdrawals), kindly check before usage.

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