Hong Kong Dollar (HK$)

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Hong Kong Dollar (HK$)
Before the HK$, a number of foreign currencies were used simultaneously, including the Indian rupee!

The Hong Kong Dollar is the official currency of Hong Kong. The British were the ones who first attempted to standardise the currency in 1825, introducing the Sterling coins to replace the mix of foreign currencies (the Indian Rupee, Mexican Peso and Spanish Dollar, among others) being used in their colony, with limited popularity. Hong Kong Dollar coins were first minted by London’s Royal Mint in 1863, and by 1935, they were the only currency in use. They were suspended for a time during Japanese occupation in favour of the Japanese Military Yen, but were reinstated in 1945. They are now administered by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and usually abbreviated to ‘HKD’ or ‘HK$’.

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