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Check the foreign exchange conversion rates for the currencies mentioned below:

US Dollar ( USD ) `  67.9850 BUY `  66.9750 SELL
Hongkong Dollar ( HKD ) `  8.8411 BUY `  8.0888 SELL
Euro ( EUR ) `  79.3492 BUY `  78.3348 SELL
Sterling Pound ( GBP ) `  90.6604 BUY `  89.6376 SELL
Malaysian Ringgit ( MYR ) `  18.1357 BUY `  16.2618 SELL
Japanese Yen ( JPY ) `  0.6398 BUY `  0.5796 SELL
Australian Dollar ( AUD ) `  51.4997 BUY `  50.4820 SELL
Thai Baht ( THB ) `  2.1554 BUY `  2.0229 SELL
Swiss Franc ( CHF ) `  68.4608 BUY `  67.5480 SELL
Canadian Dollar ( CAD ) `  52.4585 BUY `  51.4488 SELL
New Zealand Dollar ( NZD ) `  47.0788 BUY `  46.0678 SELL
Singapore Dollar ( SGD ) `  50.7700 BUY `  49.7569 SELL
UAE Dirham ( AED ) `  18.6564 BUY `  17.6012 SELL
Danish Kroner ( DKK ) `  10.8247 BUY `  9.8227 SELL
Norwegian Kroner ( NOK ) `  8.5341 BUY `  7.5290 SELL
Saudi Rial ( SAR ) `  18.2760 BUY `  17.3709 SELL
Swedish Kroner ( SEK ) `  7.9549 BUY `  7.2526 SELL
South African Rand ( ZAR ) `  5.6193 BUY `  5.0167 SELL
Chinese Yuan ( CNY ) `  11.1615 BUY `  10.2543 SELL
Sri Lanka Rupee ( LKR ) `  0.6093 BUY `  0.2284 SELL
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