Travel insurance plans

Choose the best suited travel insurance plan from those mentioned below.

Travel Insurance Plans for individual:

Insurance offered by Reliance General Insurance. For more details on the insurance click here
Coverage$50,000 planDeductible$100,000 planDeductables
Premium starts from544 onwards Nil570 onwards Nil
Age Eligibility6 months – 80 yrs Nil6 months – 80 yrs Nil
Medical Expenses, Evacuation & Repatriation$50,000$50$100,000$100
Emergency dental pain relief$500$50$500$100

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Travel Insurance Plans for family:

 Insurance offered by Reliance General Insurance. For more details on the insurance click here
Coverage$50,000 planDeduction
Premium starts from761 onwards Nil
Age Eligibility6 months – 80 yrs Nil
Medical Expenses, Evacuation & Repatriation$50,000$50
Emergency dental pain relief$500$50
Personal Accident$15,000Nil

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